Ask Before Hiring…

Questions to ask before hiring in-home care

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  • 1. Is the agency licensed by the state?
  • 2. How long has the agency been in business?
  • 3. Are the agency’s caregivers bonded and insured?
  • 4. How extensive are the agency’s criminal and background checks?
  • 5. How qualified are the agency’s caregivers.
  • 6. Can the agency provide references from past and current clients?
  • 7. Will the same caregiver come to the client’s home on a regular basis?
  • 8. How would a complaint or question about service be handled?
  • 9. What procedure is in place to handle emergencies?
  • 10. Can the agency provide printed materials describing service rates and fees?
  • 11. Is the client’s course of care documented with specific tasks to be carried out
  • 12. What is the agency caregiver turnover rate?